M8 IO-Link digital configurable module
➢ The interface adopts IO-Link (Class A) scheme
➢ Communication port: M12(A-code)
➢ I/O port: M8 x 8
➢ Signal type: 16DI/DO
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Technical Parameter
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Interface specification
Product classification8DI/DO16DI/DO
Series of productsLS-A-SW□□-M08
Communication input portPort:M12(B-code) 5-pin
I/O portsPort:M8 3-holePort:M8 4-hole
Electric parameter
Number of I/O channels8-channel
Number of signals8DI/DO16DI/DO
Supply voltage18~30.2V DC,corresponding to EN 61131-2
Ripple factor<1%
No-load current≤21mA
Load current (Pin 1)MAX.200mA(temperature-dependent)
Total current3.5A
Communicating stateYES
Power detectionYES
Short circuit and overload protectionYES
General data
Shell materialPC+ABS
Protection classIP67、IP69K
Temperature tolerance range-5℃~70℃
Storage temperature-20℃~70℃
Way to installDirect mount
Size (mm)164.6L×36W×37.2H