Ethernet cable
➢ Cable size: 4C x 22AWG
➢ Cat 5e,100Mbit/S
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Technical Parameter
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Product model
Model numberDR-CAB-006DR-CAB-028
Jacket materialPVC / Fixed typePUR / Drag chain type
Physical Characteristics
JacketPVC jacketPUR jacket
AWG Size4C×22AWG
Conductor materialSolid bare copper conductorStranded tinned copper
Conductor dimension0.64mm±0.02mm19/(0.16±0.004)mm
Insulation materialPE
Insulation dimension1.5±0.1mm1.57±0.02mm
Cabling structure4C+Filler
Inner jacket material PVC(white)LSZH(white)
Inner jacket thickness (nom.)0.15mm0.4mm
Overall nominal dimension (Outer jacket)6.5±0.3mm
Operating temperature range-40℃~+75℃-40℃~+80℃
Electrical performance
Nom. mutual capacitance ≤5.6nF/100m (@1KHz)
Pair to ground capacitance unbalance≤160pF/100m
Nominal velocity of propagation65%
Max. delay skew  45 ns/100m
Max. conductor DC resistance145Ω/Km (@ 20℃ )
Max. conductor resistance unbalance2% (@ 20℃)
Min. insulation resistance 5000MΩ·Km
Dielectric strength1,0kV d.c. or 0,7kV a.c. for 1 min or 2,5kV   d.c. or 1,7kV a.c. for 2s
Max. operating voltage300V
Packing specification
Packing specification200m,500m,1000m