M12(A-code) Single-ended I/O plug-in connector
➢ Cable style 1: Pin+Scattered wire
➢ Cable style 2: Hole+Scattered wire
➢ Rated current: 2.5A
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Technical Parameter
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Product Parameter
Series of productsCN-1204---CN-1205---CN-1204---CN-1205---
Product NameM12(A-code) 4 pin+Scattered wireM12(A-code) 5 pin+Scattered wireM12(A-code) 4 hole+Scattered wireM12(A-code) 5 hole+Scattered wire
Cable specification4×0.34mm²5×0.34mm²4×0.34mm²5×0.34mm²
Pin materialGold plated brass (CuZn+Au)Scattered wire 
Hole materialScattered wire Bronze plated with gold (CuSn+Au)
Cable outer coverPVC: Fixed type;PUR: Drag chain type;AS: Anti spark splash
Bending radius of flexible cableR65mm
Flexure times of flexible cableFive million times. Bending times can be customized 10 million times, 20 million times.
Rated current2.5A
Port durability times≥100次
Port performanceBolts and nuts are designed with anti-loosening and back-off function