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Furniture automatic production line

In manufacturing, vacuum grippers are frequently used by robotic arms to move sheet metal components in and out of the processing stage on a press. Therefore, multi-axis systems use more sensors and actuators. Monitoring can be done through standard I/O. Since tool testing is carried out independently and the wiring is simple, debugging is faster and safer. 

Construction scaffolding welding production line

Energy storage is an important technology and fundamental equipment that supports the new power system. It can provide various services to the operation of the grid, such as peak shaving, frequency regulation, backup power, black start, and demand response support. It is an important means to enhance the flexibility, economy, and security of the traditional power system. Energy storage can promote the open sharing and flexible trading of energy production and consumption, achieve multi-energy synergy, and build an energy Internet. It also drives power system reform and promotes the development of new energy formats. Reliable I/O module control products have become essential for energy storage containers. They have a small size and can operate in a wide range of temperature environments, thus improving the safety, operability, and standardization of energy storage containers.


The packaging machinery nowadays, like the application fields they are in, comes in various types. Apart from primary and secondary packaging, there is also a distinction between packaging solid and liquid goods. The RFID system provided by DERON Industries can be used for product identification and information tracing, enabling more convenient management of production information.


Quick connection, immediate use

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Quick connection, immediate use——Chenchen Yang. The concept of "quick connection and immediate use" comes from the Japanese manufacturing industry and industrial control network, which generally refers to the efficiency and quality of the matching degree of the industrial system docking plug-in. This concept has been widely recognized in all walks of life.

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Under the social context of "Made in China 2025" and "Industry 4.0", DERON.IND was born. Adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity and win-win, cooperation and circulation", the company is committed to the research, development, production and manufacturing of industrial on-site wiring products, as well as the integration of industrial on-site wiring systems.

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