12-pin single pin end flange socket (for operating panel)
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Technical Parameter
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Product parameter
Product seriesCNF-M26-12S1-11V-
Product name12 core pin end flange connector (for operating disc)
Number of cores11 core
Cable specification8×0.34mm²+3×1.0mm²
Power wire3×1.0mm²
Signal wire8×0.34mm²
Rated current (A)8A
Diameter of wireφ1.5×11
Operating voltage (AC.V)500V
Withstand voltage (AC.V) for 1min1500V
Contact resistance (Ω)2.5
Insulation resistance (MΩ)2000
Product description
Connection modeWeld
Temperature range-25℃~+85℃
Contact pointGold plated brass (CuZn+Au)
ShellZinc-base alloy
InsulatorThermoplastic material PPS (high temperature 260℃)
Connection modeThreaded quick connection